Adjustable Inline Skates

AdraxX Adjustable Inline Skates for Adults




The worth of inline skating can be appreciated only through experience. The fun of this fluid and rhythmic sport is unlimited. It is a cool way of burning calories, too.

AdraxX Inline Skates are designed to add comfort and speed to aggressive inline skating. Small-size skates can be expanded from Euro size 31 to 34; British size 12.5 to 13.5  to 1.5 for kids.

The skates have got thick, comfortable liner that let your feet breathe. Strong aluminum alloy frame and standard polyurethane wheels ensure efficiency as well as durability. Its ball bearings are rated at 7 (ABEC scale), again ensuring a good strength.

The AdraxX Inline Skates are available in three vivid colors: blue, pink and red.

Note: Make sure that children use the skate wheels under adult guardianship. Warming up is required before using the skates to avoid joint or muscle damage. Adequate protective gears like elbow pads, knee pads, helmets should be worn while using the skates. Please check that the screws, rivets are solid and right size is chosen. ‘Taxiing’ should be performed in a safe playground, where there shouldn’t be too many people. Avoid the ground with water, oil, non-flat and sliding floors. Swapping the wheels (right and left sides) will increase the durability. The shoe face should be cleaned with appropriate cleanser. Washing the shoe pads on a regular basis is recommended.


  1. Adjustable for the shoe sizes 12.5-13.5-1.5.
  2. Frame: Strong aluminum alloy.
  3. Brearing: 7 ABEC scale

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