Mini Swing Flicker Bike

AdraxX Mini Swing Flicker Bike



Swing flicker bike with adjustable height upto 140mm PU wheels and good suspensions

This all new swing flicker bike is a great fun riding for kids above 10 years. Adjust the height of the handle bar.The height can be adjusted between 88 to 102 cm. Just climb on the foot boards and swing your lower part sideways and the bike starts rolling. Start swinging faster for faster speed. The flickers is manufactured with steel and polyurethane 140 mm wheels for smooth ride. The bike is fitted with front grip brakes and double rear brakes. Please wear safety helmet and elbow and knee guards for protection.

Material : Steel

125 mm PU Wheels

Weight bearing capacity: 75 Kg

Front Grip Brake and double rear brake

Weight: 6.6 Kg

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